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Everything on our menu is prepared from scratch.





You can be assured everything on our menu is prepared from scratch, the way you would make it at home! In keeping with our policy of freshness and quality, we also offer a variety of heart healthy choices. Wausau Mine Co. offers GLUTEN-FREE (GF) items on our menu for you to enjoy. We will make every effort to prepare your food in a gluten-free manner, however with our heavy use of flour, we cannot make a 100% guarantee. Kids menus & ever-changing seasonal lunch menus available upon request.


House Favorites & Specialties

Favorites & Specialties

Italian & Mexican

Italian & Mexican


Made from Scratch

Eat Our Pizza – We Knead The Dough! Because or pizzas are made completely from scratch, please allow us ample time to prepare it to your liking. Our pizza is made specially for you by Motherlode’s creative cooks. To make our pizzas, we start with crust rolled from fresh dough we make ourselves. To this we add our rich sauce, made with a blend of herbs and spices. Then we add a generous amount of your favorite toppings such as freshly ground and seasoned pork, diced peppers, onions and mounds of our award-winning Wisconsin mozzarella cheese – real cheese for real people. We bake it in our slate ovens, if you prefer less cheese, please specify, but you need not order more. In using over 20 tons a year, we at the Mine Company know our cheese! Also, try our Pre-Baked Pizzas! If you would like to impress family and friends, order your favorite pizza “pre-baked” for the freezer. We prepare it in the same way, cooking it completely in our slate ovens without cheese. Once cooled it is smothered with cheese, wrapped and ready for your freezer or oven. A masterpiece looking for a home! Available in a small 10” or large 14”.

Burgers & Fish Fry

Burgers & Fish Fry


Rusty Nail Saloon

Featured Drinks & Specials




No reservation needed to come in and take a seat at the saloon. Take your taste buds to the next level with the Mine’s featured & original drinks like the “The Shaft” (seen in picture). Don’t limit yourself to just the menu we provide, our bartender can whip up just about any drink you think of.

Come on in and enjoy the good times




Ya The Boot


The mine has multitude of beers on tap and wine options as well. On your birthday, get treated to our famous “Boot” filled with your choice of beer. Ask how you can keep the glass as a great Wausau Mine Company souvenir!

Drink responsibly or better yet, drink Wisconsibly